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Helpful Tips for Drain Cleaning This Fall

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Posted on October 18, 2016 by admin in Drain Cleaning, Plumbing

Drain cleaning should come before any fun activities this fall. Carving a jack-o-lantern or going on a haunted hayride will be secondary if the state of your plumbing system is threatened by clogs forming on the horizon. Even if you begin to sense the slightest problems with your drains, it is certainly worth an inspection or else it can grow into something much more serious. The consequences of neglecting your plumbing needs this season are nothing to take lightly. You will be forced to pay more on plumbing bills, be unable to use toilets and sinks to their fullest extent, and even risk plumbing fixture replacement. With troubles like this, you cannot afford to put off fixing drain problems at a much later date. You need to act immediately and save your plumbing system so you can enjoy life this fall without worrying when a clog will arrive.

Calling Stewart for Top-Notch Service

When you need help in eliminating clogs, please call Stewart Plumbing for high-quality drain cleaning. We can ensure your kitchen and bath drains are working to the best of their abilities without being interrupted by clogs. Sometimes all it takes is one quick look at your drains to determine if cleaning is necessary. From there, our team can provide excellent service that will see clogs eliminated in a hurry, such as water jetting. Calling us for a drain cleaning service is highly important if you live in a large home where many people are using fixtures at once, leaving you at a higher risk of experiencing clogs. But we don’t just limit ourselves to a particular house. We want all homeowners across the Memphis and north Mississippi area to experience our high-quality service, so that’s why our plumbers are able to adapt their service for any and all plumbing needs.

Follow These Drain Cleaning Tips 

If you expect to have a reliable plumbing system this season, you should know that even taking a few small steps can greatly reduce spending on your bills, lower the risk of unsanitary consequences like overflowing toilets, and improve fixture performance. You may not be an experienced plumber from Stewart, but you can still play a role in maintaining your drains by following these tips:

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: If you ever had to make a grade school volcano project, you will know the mixture of baking soda and vinegar will create a fizzy, eruptive effect. The same can hold true for your drain clogs. One cup of vinegar and a ½ cup of baking soda poured down the drain will eliminate clogs by pushing them up and out.
  • Boiling Hot Water: Pour boiling hot water down the drain periodically to loosen up any materials sticking to drainage walls. This will make it much easier to scoop out any sources of blockage when you go to clean out the drain.
  • Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: It may be tempting to use chemical drain cleaner when you are looking to eliminate a clog immediately. However, chemical drain cleaners are to be avoided, as they can wind up bringing even more damage to your plumbing system.
  • Consider Installing a Strainer: Your kitchen and bathroom sinks will be less likely to experience clogs if you install strainers to keep material like food, hair, and soap out. Though these strainers will also become blocked, you can clean them out periodically so they continue to work at their best.
  • Bent Wire Hangers: Have a wire coat hanger you are not using? Then it may prove helpful with drain cleaning. A bent wire hanger will clean out any smaller particles in your drains that other cleaning tools will miss, although do be careful not to scratch or damage the pipe.

Bonus Tips for Soft and Hard Clogs!

The most common types of drain clogs can be broken up into two groups: soft and hard. Soft clogs are usually found in bathroom sinks that rarely compact the drain, usually made of material like soap and hair. You can generally fix them following these tips:

  • Use a standard plunger to pull the clog up out of the sink or to push it on through the drain pipe.
  • Use a long, stiff brush made to fit down into the drain, snag the clog material and pull it back up and out.
  • Use a plastic strip with serrated edges, made to remove clogs, by being inserted into the drain and pulling out the material.
  • If the homeowner is not intimidated by plumbing work, they can disconnect the P-trap below the bathroom sink and remove the clog lodged there.

Hard clogs generally involve food and grease sticking to drainage pipes. This will compact the drain due to it forming into a hard mass. In case you experience this type of clog, here is what you should do:

  • Try using a standard plunger briefly to release a fresh clog. Do not do this for too long or too forcefully as it can damage the plumbing pipes and make them come apart.
  • For clogged toilets, pour dish detergent down the drain
  • Use a plumbing drain snake to break up the clog and clear the drain. However, be careful to not poke holes in any older, corroded drainage pipes.

Don’t Let Clogged Drains Sneak Up On You – Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service Today

Call Stewart Plumbing today if you want to live conveniently and comfortably this fall thanks to our drain cleaning!